Design Meets Movement – The competition

The name ‘Design Meets Movement’ originates from a design competition initiated by LINAK and the University of Wuppertal in Germany.

Groups of design students from Germany, France and Italy competed in creating an office desk based on electric lifting columns from LINAK. In each country, students competed against each other and a local votes decided a local winner.

The winner projects, “PROFILE (ASERO)” (Germany), “WAVO” (France) and “OSCAR” (Italy) were invited to display their creations and meet the furniture business at the 2014 ORGATEC fair.

The great challenge for everybody was to merge and harmonise technology, functionality and design. It is not just enough to create rooms for people. The selected furniture also needed to help people sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle – physically as well as mentally.

To keep the philosophy and the many original ideas alive after the 2014 ORGATEC fair, the independent entity ‘Design Meets Movement’ was formed.

“Architecture faces a central problem, space, which sustains the health of the human body and soul.”
– Justus Dahinden, in “Architektur – Architecture” (Monografie 1998).



The jury of the competition

From left to right: Brit Dieckvoss (Holzmann Verlag – Chief Editor Arcade), Rico Möckel (Wini Büromöbel – Product Development Design), Björn Osterkamp (Vitra – Entwicklungsleiter),  Dietmar Scharping (Rosenheim – Interior Designer), Andre Heuer (Bosse Design – Managing Director), Gerd Lauszus (Assmann Büromöbel – Head of Product Management) and Dr Robert Nehring (Verlag Nehring – Chief Editor „Das Büro“)