An eye for detail

We care about design – both ours and yours. We know that any successful design – from buildings to offices to desks – is only as good as its details. That’s why we’ve created desk panels that add the final touch to any project.

Person working on an adjustable desk with a DPI sensor.

LINAK DPI sensor with built-in anti-collision More than meets the eye
The new DPI desk panel series has been made with contemporary design in mind and is shaped to enhance the design of any sit-stand desk. It gives designers the flexibility to match the ideal desk panel with their sit-stand desk range, giving you even more design options for your next project.

Streamlined design
Finding the right balance between great form and function is always our priority. With its thin profile and smooth-edged design, the DPI desk panel will complement any modern sit-stand desk, while its minimalist elegance will stand the test of time as office fashions come and go. In addition to the eye-catching design, users will also benefit from the ergonomic shape.

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LINAK DPI series with built-in anti-collisionBuilt-in anti-collision sensor
The most noticeable DPI-series feature is the one that cannot be seen: a built-in anti-collision sensor inside the DPI desk panel offers desk protection in an intelligent way. The sensor detects even the slightest tilt in the desk’s tabletop, whether the desk is driving up or down. Once a tilt is detected, movement stops and adjusts in the opposite direction to minimize collision and avoid damage to the desk and the colliding object.

Adjusting a desk with LINAK DPI sensor People will notice
The innovative paddle on the DPI desk panel series only needs a gentle tilt up or down to make the table move immediately. Changing position from sitting to standing (or vice versa) becomes both easy and intuitive and can be done without taking your eyes off the screen.

LINAK employees at the ceremony for the RedDot award.Put a Red Dot on your desk
LINAK were honored to receive a coveted Red Dot in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023 category. The design itself was one of the key factors when developing the DPI desk panel series.

“We created a new sleek and slim design that does not include any traditional buttons for features on the desk panel. Simply put, the buttons on a conventional Desk panel are always a compromise; they are seldom intuitive to users, and they complicate the design and engineering, and that is why we decided to move these advanced features to an app.”

Nicki Pedersen, Product Manager, Innovation and Design at LINAK.

LINAK Desk Connect app paired to DPI sensor with built-in anti-collisionApp friendly is user friendly
If you specify the DPI with display, you get access to even more advanced features. By simply downloading the free Desk Connect™ app, users will be able to pair their mobile devices to their DPl and set up features such as favorite sit and stand positions, automatic drive, and much more.