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Pushing ergonomics, technology and innovation onwards and supporting breath-taking furniture design.

Design Meets Movement is an entity formed by LINAK® and involves some of the most creative and innovative designers and architects from across the world. This website aims to inspire and allow fresh ideas to lay the foundation to the next generation of innovative furniture designs.

This is where you as an audacious designer or architect come in. This is the place where design meets movement.

If we succeed, you will have the next idea and project showcasing how movement could benefit furniture design – vice versa.

How “Design Meets Movement”

Design Meets Movement is an entity formed by LINAK® and involves some of the most creative and innovative designers and architects from across the world.

LINAK is a world-leading producer of low-noise, electric linear actuators for adjustable furniture, such as height-adjustable sit-stand office desks and comfort furniture used in private homes.

Being an expert in smooth and durable movement, LINAK enjoys the privilege of collaborating with a lot of skilled talents and progressive organisations.

For more information about electric actuators, please visit the LINAK DESKLINE and LINAK HOMELINE web pages and learn why and how movement can improve your design project

LINAK DESKLINE provides complete flexible actuator systems for height adjustable desks, worktables, kitchens, media stands and counters based on customer needs and wishes..

LINAK HOMELINE provides reliable and innovative solutions for electric adjustment of comfort furniture used in private homes.

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“Enabled by LINAK – Designed by Metropolia” (2017)

LINAK Finland had a co-operation project with Metropolia School of Applied Sciences, (Interior Architecture and Industrial Design) in Helsinki, Finland. The students’ task was to design completely new kind of solutions for home and office purposes using LINAK actuators and lifting columns.


The objective of the project was to find new perspectives and approaches to design and to utilise LINAK products to create unprecedented innovative solutions for the needs of home and work environments. In addition, the aim was to familiarise students with new products and technology, as well as with the practices of the industrial business culture.

Four of the great design works were chosen to be presented at the LINAK stand at ‘ID Helsinki 2017’ event in Telakka Event Center in Helsinki, 12th – 13th, September 2017.

The project included designing a stand for the exhibition, making a video of the work process, photographing the works and making a brochure. The supervisors of the project were industrial designer, lecturer Tuomo Äijälä (design project), designer, lecturer Pasi Pänkäläinen (exhibition stand) and industrial designer Pekka Koivikko (workshop supervisor).

“Design Meets Movement” (2014)

Design students from Germany, France and Italy competed in creating an office desk based on electric lifting columns from LINAK. In each country, students

To keep the philosophy and the many original ideas alive after the 2014 ORGATEC fair, the independent entity ‘Design Meets Movement’ was formed.


The great challenge for everybody was to merge and harmonise technology, functionality and design. It is not just enough to create rooms for people. The selected furniture also needed to help people sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle – physically as well as mentally.

The winner projects, “PROFILE (ASERO)” (Germany), “WAVO” (France) and “OSCAR” (Italy) were invited to display their creations and meet the furniture business at the 2014 ORGATEC fair.