Desk Panel DPG wins Red Dot Award

Intuitive design and good usability. These were the decisive arguments behind the LINAK Desk Panel DPG1C win of the 2018 Red Dot Award in the category “Product Design”.

Intuitive handling without any buttons
The most obvious feature of the Desk Panel DPG series is their intuitive design. These desk panels are operated entirely without the use buttons. Simply by tilting the panel up or down, the user can move the office desk to his or her preferred working height, and ultimately adapt healthy sit-stand habits – all without having to look for any buttons while changing posture.

As an ease of comfort, the desk panels include a memory position function that stores the user’s favourite sit or stand heights. Combined with the automatic drive function, the user can double tap the desk panel – up or down – automatically driving the table top to the next stored position.

Integrated LED reminder function
New habits are hard to obtain. This is why three out of the four Desk Panels DPG include a reminder function – either through an integrated LED light strip or a single LED. A green colour signals that the user is all good. A shift to a red colour means it is time to move and change posture. By integrating our natural colour conception, the desk panel signals and motivates users to adapt good movement habits and a healthier lifestyle.

Digital integration with a wealth of options
In a modern office world, digitalisation plays a crucial role for working more effective and comfortable. Thanks to Bluetooth® wireless technology (integrated in three out of the four Desk Panel DPG models), also desks become an integrated element in the digital office environment.
It allows to connect to e.g. the LINAK® Desk Control™ App with their mobile device or desk computer, which opens for even more comfort functions. For example, personal sit-stand positions can be stored and synchronised. In this way, users can easily take their personal settings with them to any desk they are using, which applies especially for remote office setups with shared desks.

The Desk Control Apps also synchronise with the personal sit-stand balance of the DPG. In this way, the coloured LED strip of the DPG and on-screen reminders for the mobile device / PC will remind the office desk users to stand up during the day.

About the Red Dot Design Award
The “Red Dot Award: Product Design” has roots dating back as far as 1955. Every year since its inauguration the award has been given to the best products of the year. True to the motto: “In search of good design and innovation“, an international jury of around 40 members rate products on individuality and originality.

International jury voted for the Desk Panel DPG
When the DPG was awarded in 2018, designers and manufacturers from 59 countries submitted more than 6,300 objects to the Red Dot Award competition. The evaluation criteria included the innovation level of the submitted product, the functionality, the formal quality, ergonomics and the product life.