FutureHAUS™ – A new way to live – a new way to build

In the recent years, innovations in digital technologies ranging from smartphones, personal computers, and cloud-based assistance have revolutionized the way we live, work and communicate. While cutting-edge technology has been well integrated into the design and manufacturing of most high-performance products like aircrafts, automobiles, and computers, this is not the case in the construction industry – progress has been slow and resistance high.

With FutureHAUS, Virginia Tech’s cross disciplinary team of 25 students and faculty developed a revolutionary concept for building prefabricated smart homes. It is challenging the construction industry to re-imagine how homes can be built. By prefabricating plug-and-play smart components, the team has streamlined the building process and provided an ideal method for seamlessly integrating smart technologies.

Today, the home is proudly exhibited once again at Orgatec 2022 to celebrate the many futuristic innovations of the home, particularly those contributed by electric linear movement powered by LINAK.

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Virginia Tech Center for Design Research

Exhibited at:

New York City 2019, Dubai 2021, ORGATEC 2022

Year of design:

2018 Solar Decathlon Middle East

Comfort Furniture, Kitchen, Office, Others