Waste Space

This project was part of the corporation between students of the Metropolia School of Applied Sciences (Interior Architecture and Industrial Design) and LINAK Finland.

“Waste Space” is an adjustable container and the designer of the project, Joonatan Merikivi, says about his project:

“I set out to create a simple, yet assertive form, that reflects me as a designer and a human being. In this project, which includes the table and the container, my style was to create a straightforward design that stands as its own element, powerful and solid form that brings the simple idea of the container to its stylish conclusion.”

The project is designed by Joonatan Merikivi and was exhibited at “ID Helsinki 2017”.


LINAK products used:
Lifting Column BL1

Joonatan Merikivi

Exhibited at:

ID Helsinki 2017

Year of design: