Design of a mobile lifting-caddy-system for ergonomic height adjustment and mobility at the workplace. Temporary workplaces conquer the working environment more and more. Since the daily workplace can be changed, the transfer of work utensils is often inconvenient.

The caddy is intended to stand alongside the table as a permanent standing work surface and an interim workplace. In case it must be moved in order to go with it to a conference room, a built-in battery will supply the electric adjustable lifting column with power. For charging the battery, the caddy is equipped with a power connector – for both Schuko connections and a 6-pin connector for connection to the table. The latter makes it possible to connect the caddy from the seated workplace with the control panel of the table and to adjust the respective height.

The project was developed as part of the design competition Design Meets Movement in cooperation with the University of Wuppertal. Designed by: Marc Stender, Willy Axt and Robin Selbach.


Marc Stender
Willy Axt
Robin Selbach

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Design Meets Movement Germany

Mobile, Office