By means of linear lifting columns from LINAK®, the concept of a mobile desk with features such as storage of working utensils and extendable workspace represents a high comfort for the user. In addition to the standing positions, it is possible to work comfortably in all natural surroundings of a living area (sofa, kitchen, dining room etc.).

The M-Desk is primarily designed as a piece of furniture, and therefore it should traditionally be made of wood or MDF.

By integrating LINAK columns as the main functional element (battery + control unit) it is not a cheap mass product, but rather an exclusive, professional working tool.

The M-Desk was developed as part of of the design competition Design Meets Movement. Design: Björn Stiebel.


Björn Stiebel

Exhibited at:

Interzum 2015
NeoCon 2016

Year of design:



Design Meets Movement Germany

Mobile, Office