Chill Out – Couch with height adjustable silence screens

This couch was designed on the thoughts behind LINAK’s New Ways of Working initiative. The Chill Out couch can thus be transformed from a regular couch to a relaxation area with noise filter including audio and charger.

The background for the design of the couch is a new demand for office furniture. Today, especially open office environments call for private areas for spontaneous meetings and varying seating positions. In fact, a flexible working environment has a major effect on employees general commitment and satisfaction with their jobs. Research shows that 30% of employees with easy access and even 60% of those with high access to flexible work arrangements report feeling very satisfied to their jobs. In comparision, only 22% of those employees with low access to flexible work arrangements feel commited to their job.

The Chill Out couch is designed in collaboration with the Danish company Nielaus, known for their handmade design furniture.


Special Features: Height adjustable silence screens, USB plugs integrated


Exhibited at:

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016

Year of design:


LINAK products used:

Lifting Column DL14
Control Box CBD6S
Hand Set HB11RF

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