LifestyleONE – An ergonomic bed design worth dreaming about

The bed, LifestyleONE, features many new functions in a stylish design that gives the bed a whole new place in the bedroom. The bed was designed to include adjustable comfort zones that are integrated with its existing LINAK® motor solution – something which is completely unique and that sets new standards for ergonomics in the bed market.

The comfort zones at shoulder and hip height adapt to differences in the human anatomy, allowing the bed to be customised for virtually any user.

The LifestyleONE bed is designed by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen and manufactured by European House of Beds.
The Danish designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen sees a lot of benefits from how LINAK fa­cilitated contact with a manufacturer.

Special features: Electric adjustable comfort zones, memory position, wireless mobile/tablet, charger in the desk.

LINAK products used:
Dual Actuator TD33
Linear Actuator LA27
DC Connector
Bluetooth Adapter BLUETOOTH2LIN
Desk Panel DPF1C
Main Cable WP0500
Handset Control HC24 RF
2 x LED Lights
Exhibited at:

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014

Year of design:


Comfort Furniture